Greetings from all of us at the Tamani Foundation

It is with much pleasure that we are celebrating the success of our first nursery graduating class of 2014 in addition to our first presentation of certificates in English and Computer for our adult learners. It has been quite a journey since we founded the organization three years ago, starting the first ever nursery school and adult education institution in Matemwe Village, Zanzibar, Tanzania.


We have had the privilege of providing a space for these kids and adults to bloom and excel in a thriving learning environment, and to see them continue their education brings us great joy. Best of all, the awakening of the villagers to the value of education has been the most rewarding.


In addition to our regular academic activities this year, Tamani organized activities to strengthen our nursery and adult education program, in alignment with our philosophy of holistic development. These activities included medical and dental camps, field trips to various locations around Zanzibar, a career fair from neighboring hotels and foreign volunteers joining us to strengthen our strategic and academic outlook.


In 2015, Tamani Nursery School will have grown to a full fledge nursery school with a total of over 50 students across three Kindergarten classes and approximately 50 students in our adult English and Computer programs. In addition there are 25 students in our pilot housekeeping classes and we are working towards making it a certified program. Next year will also see our first year of the primary seven year program which will begin with our nursery graduates.


This journey would not have been possible without the support of the many, many well wishers from all around the world. This support has not only been financial, but also moral and with a lot of man hours. These all have been crucial in initiating and sustaining this challenging project. A very warm AHSANTE to all of you from the Tamani Team. We invite you to browse through our first year book and visit to feel like a part of the endeavor. We remain eternally grateful to all of you. Enjoy our yearbook!


With Warm Wishes and God Bless,

Shabbir & Fatima Somji

Founding Members — Tamani Foundation Matemwe, Zanzibar