What We Do

Nursery Education

Tamani Nursery School began in 2012, with only 7 students. In 2015, we have provided early childhood education to 54 young learners aged 4-8. Each nursery class is supported by two teachers, who undergo continuos training in creative teaching methods throughout the year. Read more

Primary Education

Tamani Primary School opened its doors in 2015 with our first nursery student graduates beginning Grade One. Expanding by one grade level every year, we hope to expand Tamani Primary into a full capacity primary school by 2022, providing primary education to 200 students every year. Read more

Adult Education

Tamani Learning Center offers the adults of the local village an opportunity to engage themselves in a self-directed learning environment, providing basic English and basic computer literacy skills in the hopes of gaining a better footing in Zanzibar’s thriving tourism industry. Read More

Tamani Villas

In addition to it being a wonderful holiday destination, Tamani Villas provides the unique opportunity to give back to the local community as all proceeds from your stay are donated to the Tamani Foundation, where we aim to provide access to free, high quality education opportunities to the local village of Matemwe. Read More

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