About Tamani Foundation

Tamani Foundation (TF) is a free education school; providing an early childhood and primary curriculum on the island of Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania. In January 2012, TF started by focusing on bridging the education gap caused by a lack of emphasis placed on early education in the Zanzibar school system by establishing a nursery school for children ages 4 to 6. In tandem in 2012, TFS also launched an adult education initiative to bring the benefits of an education to both generations beginning in January 2012.  In January 2015, TFS opened Primary school starting with Grade 1. In 2020, the first batch of TFS graduates finished their Grade Six, which marked the end of their primary education at Tamani and proceeded with Secondary education in other schools. 

In 2020 and 2021, we achieved 2 Distinctions (A Grade), 6 Very Good (B Grade) and the remaining 24 students achieved Good (C Grade). All students successfully passed their exams to qualify for Secondary Education.

Why Education?

Today the Zanzibari National School System permits the below structure:

Primary School: (Grades 1 to 4)  Curriculum language optional – Kiswahili or English

Primary School: (Grades 5 to 7)  Curriculum language – English only

Secondary School: (Form 1 to 6) Curriculum language – English only

At Tamani Foundation School we are striving to help improve the success of our students by providing early childhood education programs and access to an English immersion nursery and primary education.

The Village Academy – An insight into Tamani

Our friends at AhlulBayt TV approached us to make a short documentary on social initiatives in Tanzania. The production team spent two nights on site documenting the different classes and interviewing the people behind the project. The documentary provides a sneak peak into the work being done at Tamani Foundation. A huge thank you to the AhlulBayt TV team for helping us spread the word to the larger community.

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