Adult Education

A good majority of adults in Zanzibar work in agriculture, fishing and hospitality related industries. However, many of them do not possess key communication and math skills needed to obtain and maintain good jobs, and enjoy the full benefits of their labor. In addition to offering English, Math and Basic Computer classes starting in 2012, Tamani Learning Center offered Hospitality Housekeeping Training; providing a channel to employment in East Africa’s growing tourism industry. At the end of 2014, we were proud to present 51 adult learners with their first certificates in English and Basic Computer Skills, and our hospitality students with recommendation letters aiding them to obtain jobs in the neighboring hotels, which many have obtained.

In addition to our normal flow of adult students, many of our students are local secondary school students who look for additional coaching after school. Tamani Learning Center has provided aspiring students with additional Math and English classes. In May of 2015, after a lot of hard work and long hours at Tamani, three of our students journeyed to the capital city, Dar-es-Salaam, to sit for the International O’Level Exams and performed very well.

Going forward, our utmost priority is to pursue our long-term goal of providing nursery and primary education to the village children. However, we don’t want to lose the momentum we have gained with our adult learners. Therefore, we now concentrate on students’ typing, computer, and English skills through more of a self-driven learning process where students learn in an open environment; a teacher being available to assist and coach them when needed in whatever topic they choose to pursue. Our English classes involve grammar, role play, debates, writing and speaking and listening. Adult learners enjoy the different lessons and learn through a variety of teaching techniques.

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