Well, this is a quite particular problem… It’s pretty hard to predict. It’s difficult to understand. And just in general very very hard to see as a problem!


But imagine you are 4 years old. You can walk, you can run, no problem. But you have never ever in your life seen stairs. Yes, you’ve seen steps, there are two steps up to your house. But you’ve never seen an actual stair case, let alone climbed one! And now you have to, because all your classmates are doing it. And they show a movie upstairs, so you really really wanna go!


So, going up is kind of okay… You have something to look forward to (the movie) and you can almost crawl a little bit, using your hands and leaning forward, so that feels OK. You watch the movie and you forget about the stairs.


But then, the moment comes. You have to walk down. DOWN! That’s like, so so scary!!! I won’t, I simply won’t. But then you’re left with the option of staying up there the rest of your life, which also doesn’t really seem like a good plan. So. You cry. You shake. But you have to get down that stupid stair case. So you sit down on your bum, and slooowly step by step make it down. And when you get down, ah the relief! And honestly, maybe it wasn’t that scary after all? 😉


Walking down at Tamani

Skipping down at TamaniTamani students down the stairs