This week we have the great honor of having a US based medical team staying with us at Tamani Villas. The organisation is called International Medical Relief. They are doing a tour around Tanzania and have been to the mainland doing clinics, and now they have arrived to Zanzibar. Their mission is to help the local people with different medical issues, from skin problems and head aches to more serious health issues. It is well needed and we are truly proud of having them staying in our villa!


The team consists of Amy (the coordinator), Sonia, Valari, Mark, Kristen, Bob, Coleman and Candace. A big clap and ahsante sana to all of you!


There are so many things that Zanzibar needs, not only medical care but also education around health issues and how many of them can be prevented just by giving the local people knowledge about hygiene, wound care, vitamin additions, baby care etc. Tamani wants to be a part of this movement, and hopefully in the future people here do not have to suffer from illnesses and health problems that easily can be avoided with a little more information.


Local people helping out

The local people also helped out with filling in forms and translating. Many of our adult students for example helped out as translators!


Checking heart rate

Among other things they checked the heart rate.


Ladies waiting

Ladies waiting to have their check up.



People in line  to medical check-up

So many people waiting outside the dispensary to have their medical check ups.




Vitamin addition

Our students had deworming and vitamin A.



Eye check up

The team also did the annual health check ups on all our students!