Having completed a successful three years of nursery, we got our first nursery graduates at the end of 2014. It was an exciting end to the year for all of us here at Tamani, and it was nice to see our vision coming to fruition. Together with the celebrations also came a very tough question – What now for the graduates?

We wanted to make sure that the kids had access to continue their primary education. We researched several options for primary schools among which we found a suitable private primary school close to Matemwe that would accept the kids into their fold. However, due to financial barriers, parents were unable to commit to the proposed monthly fees that would arise.

As the year’s end was coming to a close, parents stayed in close contact with our team to discuss alternatives to make sure that the kids’ three year head start would not go to waste. After much discussion, the parents requested Tamani Foundation to open a primary school on a trial basis. We started the primary school this Monday, February the 2nd, and all the students are very eager!

Making the decision to open a primary school is not an easy one by any means as there are several important challenges to be considered. Our facilities are quickly reaching full capacity and the lack of human resources to accommodate the needs of the school would inevitably take a toll on the high quality we wish to achieve.

However, we now realize that it is a necessity that needs to be addressed to slowly raise the standard of education on the island. With a strategic plan and determination, we hope to make the primary project a success as well.

With the nursery running now at full capacity and primary starting on a trial basis, Tamani has embarked on a few initiatives to ease the load on our current infrastructure. In addition to hiring two more staff members to our team, we are investing in an extensive teacher training program that will see our nursery and primary teachers training on classroom and teaching techniques spread out over a period of three months. Secondly, due to the limited number of staff, we are also strengthening the volunteering program. This initiative will offer students and professionals an immersive experience in working in a rural educational setting. Whether young or old, passionate individuals will have the opportunity to aid the teaching program and other areas of the organization’s strategic development in an engaged and vibrant learning community. The program offers short and long term volunteering options for flexibility, and an experience that is truly transformative for anyone who is willing to take the leap.

How can you help? Well, there are several ways you can get involved. Help spread the word to anyone you know about the volunteering program and tell them to get more information at this link. If you’re looking for a unique holiday destination that supports a wonderful cause, Tamani Villas is a great place to bring your loved ones for a weekend getaway or a family retreat. 100% of all proceeds from the villas are directly channeled to the foundation!

For more information on how you can stay involved, get in touch with us at info@tamanifoundation.org, or make your next reservation with Tamani Villas at reservations@tamanifoundation.org!


The Tamani Team

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