Although this year is not yet finished we are already starting to prepare for the next one! 2015 is gonna be an interesting year with so much going on here at Tamani Foundation. We are getting closer to find the best way of teaching our students and how to give them the best prerequisites for success in the future. Zanzibar is an amazing place, and the people here need to have the tools to develop themselves and their country.


A step in this direction is to provide good learning materials in order for the nursery students to have a great start. Printing is in progress right now! They will all have different books, ranging from Art to English. We would love to be able to take more students in the future, because the need is big here in Matemwe.


The school will close in the end of November and then open up again in the middle of January. The students will have a nice long summer break and then come back all relaxed and motivated again.