The annual day (Nov 29) was a huge success and as far as we can remember there hasn’t been so many people at Tamani ever! People even stood outside just to listen to all the singing, music and acting that was taking place during a two hour long ceremony. The focus was our oldest nursery class, the KG3s, who graduated this day. Wow, we’re so proud of them!


Thank you everyone who came and celebrated with us! Now we are on a summer break during the holidays and will be back in full speed in the middle of January.



Our first graduating class – the sweet KG3s! They have been with us for three years now, and this is the class we started with. How amazing to see them graduate!



And you can tell they were thrilled!!! 🙂 How cute don’t they look in their robes and graduation hats?



The ladies entertained us with their singing!



Awards were given to students who really stood out – from great results in the final tests to best attendance. In this picture we see the happiest (we think) student at Tamani right now – Silima! He is our top student in English and Computer and was rewarded with… his very own computer!!! A big congrats to you!