We have just reached the end of another successful year at Tamani, which has seen the starting of our very own Primary School, the tremendous input from a wide variety of volunteers from all around the world, new teachers, guests and teacher trainers and 67 incredibly happy students.  Those of us who are still based in Tamani for the next month have mixed emotions; it was nice to celebrate our successes and have our second graduation ceremony, but it is incredibly quiet without the normal chaos of a school day!

As 2015 comes to an end, we are so proud to see 15 more students of KG3 graduating from our Nursery School on Annual Day.  As well as being an exciting day for them and their parents, celebrating their momentous moment, it was also an opportunity for the teachers to showcase their work through student performances.

Even though school is not in session, We are pretty  busy this month finishing up new Phonics workbooks for 2016, construction on our new site, and hosting lovely guests at Tamani Villas!

This year couldn’t have been a success without supporters like you who keep tabs on the happenings at Tamani. We really appreciate your involvement, and look forward to it continuing in the coming year. Here’s how you can stay involved in 2016: Check out our new website and spread the word, volunteer with us, stay at Tamani Villas, or consider donating by clicking here!

Happy Holiday everyone, and we’ll see you next year!!

Ahsante – Thank you from the Tamani family!

Our graduating class of 2015!

Our graduating class of 2015!


Teacher Sophia doing one to one tutoring