Tamani Foundation is a wonderful school with amazing teachers and a great headteacher. I feel very grateful to have been given an opportunity to volunteer at Tamani Foundation and I am extremely thankful to the founders of the organization.

On the first day of starting at Tamani Foundation I felt like home because I was very comfortable staying in the accommodation provided and also Teacher Zahra (Head Teacher) treated with me with so much kindness just like an older sister. My confidence has grown in this school which will prepare me for university.

For a month, I taught Math and English in Grade 4, Art and English in Grade 1 and English in Grade 5 .I also assisted learners who needed extra support in Grade 4. I was given a timetable based on my interests and I really enjoyed assisting in all the classes and also any administration work. Playing with the kindergarten children during break time were beautiful moments in my life.

I want to thank Tamani Foundation for instilling confidence in me to stand and talk in front of a large crowd. This will help me with the rest of my life. I am sad to leave Tamani as this is like my second home and I can’t wait to return again. I miss everyone so much!

Lubna Masoud

(31st January – 2nd March 2022)