From January to May 2023, I had the pleasure of volunteering at the beautifully, sun-drenched school of Tamani Foundation. From day one, my surroundings felt like home. Everyone were so welcoming. My accommodation was very comfortable and picturesque but the students are the best thing about this school. It is blessed with genuinely donated school resources which really enhance the students learning experiences in terms of a Westernised quality. 

The students were initially reserved with their friendship nonetheless, very polite and endearing. However, after a week or two, their warmth became second nature and their beautiful smiles shone through which made teaching them so easy. I sincerely, looked forward to seeing and teaching them every day. The sharing of the smallest portions of any food or sweets; were always readily offered to me with the word “KARIBU !” My last day at Tamani was so emotional. Some of my students said, “will you remember us when you return home” ! Again, so emotional and even though I have been home for around 3 weeks, I hesitantly open my eyes every morning because I know I am not at Tamani anymore. I have and will continue to have everlasting wonderful memories of living at Tamani, in Matemwe and forever will this school remain in my heart. Thank You TAMANI FOUNDATION for my wonderful experience of working with you all.