One week ago, I came back home from a fantastic week in Zanzibar. The reason why I ended up in Zanzibar was due to a school project called Atlas. This project is about meeting students and teachers from other parts of the world and I was so lucky to find Tamani school in Zanzibar as a partner for this project. After having Zoom meetings once a month for a year, it was finally time to meet in real life and what a meeting it was! For over a year now, my class had been interacting with grade six of Tamani school; exchanging videos of topics and having question and answer sessions via Zoom. Finally, I was able to meet the class and the whole school. The students had more questions for me and it was delightful answering them in person. I also talked more about Sweden and its culture.

I had three days in Tamani school where I met teachers and students and I was welcomed with such warmness and kindness.It was something I will remember for the rest of my life!

Thank you Tamani for letting me into your school family.

Best regards Mr Eric