On Friday the 27th of June we had our Mid-Year Day at Tamani Foundation. The students were very happy to have completed half of the year, and many with great results. We gave the students awards for different goals achieved, and all our teachers were thoroughly thanked with gifts and hoorays! Without our amazing teachers we would not be able to achieve such great results as we have done. 


A special thanks to the Beta Charitable Trust which donated solar lamps to give out to our students. They were truly happy about this, now they can study even after sunset! Not many people have electricity here in Matemwe, so this is a big help to a lot of families.


We also had invited the hotels along this stretch of the beach, the amazing Matemwe beach, and the hotel managers together with our students were speed-dating! They talked with one person for 3 mins as a mini interview – very valuable to our students and the hotels had a chance to look for new potential staff from the local village. Win-win!


There is a still a long way to go, but we are very confident in our set-up and our students and staff. Together we will be able to create something really good, sustainable and helpful to the local people!


Tamani Subira recieves award

Our best female student receives an award.


Tamani Nursery Teachers

All our nursery teachers (no 2-6) and management!


Tamani Uji

The porridge lady Uji who brings the porridge every day for our nursery students!


Tamani Teacher Makame receives gift

Teacher Makame receives gifts for his work done.


Tamani Silima receives gift


One of our best male students Silima receives an award, a solar lamp from the Beta Charitable Trust.