Yesterday we had an four doctor students who are about to graduate within one month with us here at Tamani. They helped us arranging a medical camp for all our nursery students – in total 45 children! A big big thanks to Adnan, Justin, Rob and Chris!

They all got thoroughly examined, everything from getting properly measured and weighted to having lungs and heart rate checked. Unfortunately some of our students had a heart murmur that needs to be checked again, so we are currently looking for fundings to send them to the local hospital and having them examined again and possibly having a surgery. If you know someone who would like to help, or if that person is you, please contact us at info [a] .

The children all behaved very well, even though some of them looked like their last day had come 😉 After the medical check up they got vitamin A and deworming pills. And like every child they don’t exactly look forward to it, any medicine is scary to a child… We bribed them with a small cup of soda which helped a lot 🙂 We are so happy we can help our students and prevent severe diseases as far as possible.

Getting examined Busy doctors Ear check up Deworming and vitamin A Everything's getting documented You're tall! Doctors in action