This week we have conducted a small interview with one of our eager students at Tamani Learning Center. His name is Ali Haji Ali and lives in the village close to the school. He really wants to make a difference in his life, and feels that Tamani can give him that opportunity to improve his life with new skills.


Tamani: Hi Ali! What do you study here at Tamani Learning Center?

Ali: I only study English, I feel like that is enough for me.


T: Why do you like Tamani?

A: I like Tamani so much because you offer free language education, I really need that.


T: For how long have you been studying at Tamani?

A: I’ve been studying here for a year now.


T: Why do you want to learn English?

A: I want to be able to communicate with guests and hopefully get a job as a waiter.


T: If you could dream big, what would you like to become?

A: If I had all the possibilities in the world I would like to become a pilot!



Thank you Ali for your time and the best of luck with your studies!