Last week we had the pleasure of having Dr Joshua as lecturer here at Tamani School. He inspired our students by telling his story about how he started off with very little and now is a doctors. Incredibly inspiring and it worked well as a motivation for our students! They all wanted to know how he did it and hopefully we have a future doctor among them.

Dr Joshua is a doctor from the Barbeig community, in Manyara Nationalpark on the mainland of Tanzania, and primarily pastorialist. He managed to attend school despite the hard conditions of a nomadic life. He started school at the age of 10! After primary school he managed to get a sponsor for secondary school and has never looked back ever since. He was just determined to succeed! His key message to the students were:

  • The bigggest enemy of progress is ignorance
  • It is important to have people from our own village, who understand the culture, to be our doctors and educators
  • It will not come easily – it takes effort!

The potential is there, all they need to do is work hard and they will achieve their goals. Tamani gives them the tools, now they need to use them and figure out what they want to do with their lives. And that is as hard here as it is in Europe, the US or any other place on earth. 🙂