Our oldest class in the nursery school, KG3, did a field trip to town recently! They were all very excited about it and the teachers as well.





Our 6-year olds were first given a tour at the local ferry company AZAM, and shown around on the ferry. Not many of them had been on a boat that size before so everyone was really happy about it!


cat at the port_tamani zanzibar


The students found a cat before boarding the ferry and everyone wanted to take it back home with them!


car at the port_tamani zanzibar

This beauty we found at the First Class Lounge at the port. You can apparently rent it per hour! The kids loved it of course 🙂 Who wouldn’t. looks like it comes straight from a cartoon!


ferry_tamani zanzibar


We were told about ferry safety and tried on life jackets. Very interesting!




After the ferry tour we went on to the airport and were shown around. Great inspiration for all of us!


teachers_tamani zanzibar


The teachers were dressed beautifully in their new pink head pieces and pretty dresses.

airport_tamani zanzibar


And the mandatory group picture! Here you see all of us who attended the trip, teachers in pink on the sides and on the upper row.