1. Choose the categories of words to practise by filling the box next to the wanted categories. Chagua aina za maneno ya kufanya mazoezi kwa kujaza kisanduku kilicho kando ya makundi alitaka.
  2. Click ‘Word Search’ to start practise the chosen words. Bonyeza ‘Vinavyolingana mchezo’ kuanza kutekeleza maneno kuchaguliwa.

  1. Search for the words hidden within the grid. To submit a word, click the first letter of it and then the last letter. Words can be written in any direction including backwards and along diagonals.
  2. The words that you are to be looking for is shown in the list.
  3. When done, click the “Reload icon” to get a new set of words.
  4. When finished practising the chosen words quit the page or go back to choosing categories by clicking ‘English-Swahili’ on the top bar. Baada ya kumaliza kufanya mazoezi ya maneno waliochaguliwa kuacha ukurasa au kurudi nyuma na kuchagua makundi kwa kubonyeza ‘Kiingereza-Kiswahili’ kwenye bar ya juu.

Press the picture to play! Vyombo vya habari picha kucheza!