This weekend and in the beginning of the week we have had a dental camp here at Tamani – it is really a wonderful thing to be able to provide for the students! Although if you asked the children they might think differently 😉

For the 3rd consecutive year, Tamani Learning Center invited the students to participate. Two senior doctors and two junior doctors brought all the dental equipment needed to transform one of our rooms into a dental clinic. The treatments were provided for free to all our patients and oral hygiene was also taught. 

Some statistics:

  • 54 patients (students, teachers & staff)
  • 44 fillings
  • 12 crowns
  • 9 extractions
  • 32 patients (!) decay free


We are very happy to welcome the amazing dentists to our school and host them here! Dental camps are very much needed in Africa and of course other parts of the world too. Our charity school provides so much more than just education, and we are very proud of this! We send our greatest appreciations to everybody who helped this becoming so successful.

Dentist in action The whole team! No cavity - great! Lots of tools... Dentists working on a student