Why Tamani

Staying at Tamani Villas provides the unique opportunity to give back to the local community as all profits from your stay are directly channelled to the Tamani Learning Center, where our vision is to provide access, to free, high quality education to the village of Matemwe.

Tamani (pronounced “tamaani”) in the Swahili language means “to desire” – the essence with which these wonderful villas have been sustained; add the surrounding brilliant white beach and exquisitely green nature – they make you “tamani” to remain there forever!

Karibu – Welcome to your home away from home, on the paradise island of Zanzibar!

Both beach front villas include their own private pool, and are staffed with full-time chefs and housekeeping, making it the best scene to serve your needs in Zanzibar. 4 bedroom Villa Tamani can accomodate up to 12 people, and 5 bedroom Villa Tumaini can host up to 15 guests.  

If you don’t need so much space, then beautiful en-suite room at Tamani Annex (Villa Subira) will be right choice for you. Book us via reservations@tamanifoundation.org

Your Home Away From Home