A Typical Day at Tamani Foundation

You wake up at around 6.30 to enjoy the sun rise on the beach (it’s worth it even if you’re normally tired in the mornings). After a quiet and restful breakfast with eggs, bread, fruits, coffee/tea you notice the kids arriving (they start school at 8:00am).  After assembly you prepare to join one of the classes to help out with various teaching games and activities. The kids are 4-8 years old. Listening to their classes, contributing to their learning and playing with them is an amazing start to the day which will give you a long lasting smile on your face.

Join the nursery kids in a game of football at break time, followed by their last classes and ending their school day at 11:00 am. Help out with the Primary Math and Computer classes until they end their day as well at 1:00 pm.

Relax, enjoy your lunch, go for a swim, or take a nap perhaps before the afternoon activities.  Tutor students in Keyboarding or MS Office Suite from 1:30 pm onwards, then join (or lead!) the English conversation class at 3:30 pm. The school day at ends at 4:30 pm. You’re free to relax, take a stroll on the beach, or explore some local village activities. You can choose to participate in local activities like learning  how to cook local style with one of the villagers or make traditional Zanzibari bags/clothes.

Come home to Tamani to some nice Dinner, play some games with colleagues, and head to bed!  You also have WiFi in your room, there are hotels just next door, we have a big library of movies that you can watch on a computer, study Swahili or just relax and read a nice book. Whatever you do you will end the day with a great feeling of having done something meaningful. You fall asleep with the sound of the nursery kids’ adorable singing in the back of your head.